Coaching that Rich has provided to companies, and answers to marketing and sales questions that Rich has provided, has been put to good use in hundreds of companies just like yours.

Some of their comments are listed below.

Using your suggestion, we are saving an average of $15,872 per month in wasted literature mailing expense, and 3500 man-hours per year trying to contact non-prospects.

~ Mr. Dave Lambert



I turned a $450,000 trade show investment into $4.5 million in sales using your input.

~ Mr. Pat Galligan

Thank you for helping me get recognized for saving our company a lot of money. I also get feedback response and information now I was never able to get.

~ Mr. Bill Wilde

I cannot say enough good things about your suggestions, and would recommend your input to anybody interested in putting life and momentum into their lead generation and follow-up procedures.

~ Mr. Andy Fracica

Your coaching truly enabled our entire team to save time while being more effective, thereby reducing cost.

~ Ms. Cristy Grinder

We now convert 40.7% of our sales leads into new customers, and I’m a hero.

~ Mr. Dave Kreiner