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Knowledge is Power – especially in today’s turbulent business climate.

STUDENTS and NEWBIES… WHO you get your education from, and WHAT you do with it, is key to increasing YOUR value to the company you will be working for, or, are working for now.  What you can/will learn from Rich enhances your resume and adds value and marketability to yourself when you decide to move-on.

If you are fresh out of school, and/or new to the business marketing and sales worlds, you have probably noticed that the “Real-World” of business you live in today, has little to do with the”Academic-World” you were in yesterday.

This GO-TO website resource provides you with a personal mentor and information portal, along with the unique opportunity to short-cut your education into the real-world. From it you can get discreet and confidential answers to your questions, from an industry veteran, pertaining to tips-N-tricks and hands-on requirements of existing and progressing in today’s marketing and sales worlds. It will provide you with answers to questions that you simply can’t ask your boss, because…

He/she probably doesn’t know the answer, and will be embarrassed by not knowing, and threatened by the fact that you have discovered that they don’t know.

They expect you to know the answer without asking them. In their mind, that’s why they hired you.

If you have read this information to this point, it’s time to ask yourself…

  • Who in your company is your mentor? Who is teaching you anything? Who is your go-to person?
  • Are you doing the same thing the person before you did? And if so, where are they now, and why?
  • Who can you turn to, discreetly and confidentially, for advice and answers to questions that will help you grow?

Browse through the rest of this website designed by an an industry veteran and successful business person. Use it as your GO-TO source for quick answers to marketing and sales related questions that will help you succeed in areas where so many others eventually fail, from doing the same things the same way, expecting different results.

Don’t take chances. Take advice and leverage someone else’s proven business success to realize your own personal/career objective.