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Rich’s small business coaching fee is $79/ hour. But for less than the cost of a dinner (only $49) you can ask him a marketing and/or sales related question below (see examples) and ‘test’ his experience based knowledge and proven track record of business success for yourself.

If you don’t see your question listed, here, send yours anyway. If it can’t be answered, your payment will be refunded.

Your minimal $49 investment for each detailed answer to your question(s) is used to offset the expenses related to maintaining this website, and for any postage expense necessary to mail support or reference materials to you. Any payment here will also be credited to any additional coaching you request.

Your answer will be accompanied by a recently published White-Paper entitled the “7-Barriers to Success in Cold Calling, Sales Lead Contact, Follow-Up and Conversion” which will help you to understand some of the sales force’s biggest challenges, so you can design your marketing program around them.

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