About Richard Erschik

WHO is this guy, Rich?
WHAT does he know that I don’t know?
WHERE did he get his experience?
WHY is he qualified to be my company coach or consultant?
WHEN is he available to work with me?
HOW does his knowledge have relevance to my world?

The following answers all of those questions. But first… watch this brief 1-min VIDEO.

Unlike most small business consultants, today, Rich’s experience is from the real-world. He serves his clients as a business coach, in the “giving-back” mode. He has already made a living, so he no longer has to make a living by depending on client long term commitments or exorbitant fees for his services.

Rich’s $79 hourly coaching fee is attractive, affordable, and cost-justified; and the minimal fee associated with his “Answers” to Marketing and Sales Questions” section of this website simply pays for the site’s administration expense. The $49 fee you pay in this Question/Answer section is credited to any additional coaching you request. So why not first ask Rich for his answer to any marketing and/or sales question you have?

If you are thinking about starting a business, from scratch, or looking to take your business to the next level, Rich can help your from successful experience in both.

Over the past 3-1/2 decades, Rich was a marketing communications manager and a marketing manager. He was an inside sales person, outside sales person, sales rep, sales manager, and eventually the founder, CEO, and president of his own very successful company.

He has listened to countless ad space rep’s sales pitches, and actually placed more than $1,000,000.00 worth of ad space in industry trade publications. He hired and fired 7 major advertising  agencies. He bought trade show exhibits in the $500,000.00 range, and is noted for coining the phrase “customized-rental” by the exhibit builder and supplier he used. He exhibited in more than 100 trade shows and actually experienced the disconnect between lead “generation” in the marketing department, and lead “follow-up” in the sales department.

In 1985, Rich developed a process solution to the pervasive sales lead follow-up problem. In 1986 he turned his solution into a national service organization that American Airlines named “One of the most innovative companies in the country” and a “Best-Practice” in trade show marketing. His company went on to generate more than $10,500,000.00 in sales.


In 2009, Rich sold his service organization and relocated to South Florida where he now nurtures a passion to “give-back” by coaching companies and teaching people the same things that made him and his company successful. He speaks internationally on marketing and sales subjects. His expertise has been sought after from as far away as Belgium and South Africa where he was invited to work with trade show organizers at IFES and exhibitors of EXSA. He has conducted more than 300 in-person seminars, on-line webinars, and on-site workshops to private companies and professional organizations.

Specifically regarding sales leads that result from marketing programs, typical consultants tell you WHAT to do with them and WHY. Rich will show you HOW-TO respond to and process your sales leads based on actually having processed more than 1,000,000 leads, making more than 1,600,000 outbound telephone calls, transmitting more that 127,000 faxes and emails, shipping more than 370 tons of literature, while identifying billions of dollars worth of selling opportunities for companies just like yours.

Asside from his coaching service, if you and/or your company exhibits in trade shows, with questionable ROI (Return On Investment,) you should let Rich show you how-to “Get the MOST… from PRE-DURING-POST trade show exhibiting” in his popular seminar, webinar, or CD. Ref www.RichardErschik.com 

Rich consults regularly and speaks professionally all over the world. So go ahead… “Just-Ask-Rich” to either be your business coach, and/or answer your marketing and sales questions.